HAIR ROOM SERVICE by Michael Dueñas is recognized as one the most luxurious beauty amenities for in-room salon appointments throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Orange County, CA.

HAIR ROOM SERVICE is more than just hair. Top celebrity artists deliver beautiful haircuts, blowouts, makeup, nail applications and personalized styling—all within the privacy and comfort of your home, hotel room, or office. Whether pressed for time before a red-carpet event or simply treating yourself to an afternoon of luxury, HAIR ROOM SERVICE combines the highlights of a five-star salon without even having to find a taxi, get in a train or drive your car. Whatever your needs, the celebrity artists of HAIR ROOM SERVICE will ensure that you walk out of your door nothing less than flawless.

Appointments with HAIR ROOM SERVICE are easy to make and based solely around client needs. Weather, salon hours and the stress of time and traffic are a non-issue, and the artists of HAIR ROOM SERVICE are hand-picked by Michael himself. Think of HAIR ROOM SERVICE as your fairy godmother of beauty.

The idea of HAIR ROOM SERVICE came to Michael during a business trip to Los Angeles. While staying at a hotel, Michael overheard a guest ask the concierge where she could receive a decent haircut. In a single moment, it occurred to Michael that, between the unfamiliar environment, lack of trusted resources, and inconsistencies of internet reviews, finding a salon and stylist can be a huge challenge while traveling.

Michael offered his services to the guest, and upon his return home, HAIR ROOM SERVICE was born.

Since its inception, HAIR ROOM SERVICE has been named Best of New York and Best of Los Angeles by multiple esteemed publications, including The Village Voice, CBSLA, Time Out and LA Weekly.